At The Groomin’ Room we treat every pet with the love and care they deserve and you expect.

The Groomin Room - Fabulous Dog & Cat Grooming Salon in metro Philadelphia

AboutGroominRoom1Established in 1996 by Michelle Mazur, The Groomin Room is a true pet salon. We groom all breeds of dogs and cats, and we always pamper your pet, so that each and every visit with us is an enjoyable experience for you and your best friend.

Our groomers and bathers always handle your pets in a careful, professional and loving manner.

AboutGroominRoom3The Groomin Room never ever uses any tranquilizers or sedatives. You may stay with your pet during the entire grooming process if you wish.

No student employees here!

All of our groomers have years of experience and it shows. Our groomers have attended:

The New York School of Dog Grooming

The Pennsylvania School of Dog Grooming.

Your pet can’t push numbers on the phone, so we ask that you be the one to…

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